Have you ever wondered how the videos your daughter, niece, or nephew watch are created?

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Movements are film arrangements or recordings containing sketched, moving, displayed pictures. To make a perception of something that’s moving, a huge number of independent captured pictures are developed and run altogether. Before, and even until now, motions are created from pictures that are drawn by hand or from puppets and other models. These models or puppets are situated and are moved. Each movement is then captured by the camera as photos. In creating the final animation film, audio effects can be integrated.

Today, animation is much more advanced and complex and can be created faster through expert PC programming bundles. Present day animation is done by scanning pictures of drawings or models into a PC to control and maneuver them, or, by creating the pictures in the computer and are made to move there. PC animation improves year by year because of the digital technology getting more advanced and going nowhere else but in the future. CGI or Computer Generated Image is proof. This technology is used to make an image by using the computer.


Animation can be classified into four big types.

1. 2D drawn animation

This is the “old-school” which uses pictures drawn by hand.

2. 2D PC animation

This animation utilizes the capabilities of the computer.

3. 3D PC animation

The pictures created here are 3-dimensional and are usually created on the computer.

4. Stop movement or stop animation

This type uses physical models like puppets or clay molds.

Where Can You Find Animated Films or Images?


Animated programs can be found on television. In fact, there are a lot of them on TV. For kids, animation may be utilized to entertain them or keep them educated. For adults, these might have a more mature theme such as drama, comedy, romance, etc. Before, it was quite hard to make a sequence of moving objects. Today, making a full-length film using animation is more than possible. Thanks to the advanced digital technology we have today. Animation can also be used in making music videos. They can be straight-up animation, or a couple of animated images or videos can be added to a direct video recording of the music personality in order to make the final music video.

2. Education and Training

Animated videos or images can be very informative. Animation makes for a great way to be used for education and training.

3. Advertising

Whatever the type is, ads should be eye-catching, engaging, and unforgettable and animation ticks all the boxes. Animation has a big role in helping companies promote the goods or services they are offering. Animation can not only be used in making ads but also in videos or web designs that help catch the attention of the people and retain them. Animators can be hired by just about anyone and have an office at work, but they can also work from home as a freelancer.

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